Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Animal Spirit Guide

Hey ya'll, I've been having some weird dreams lately and I think it's my codeine cough syrup that's been doing it to me.

Lastnight after drinking 2 tbl spoons of my Codeine syrup, I went to bed and dreamt I was trying sneak into this magical lagoon and the only way I could enter was if I dove in headfirst because the entrance was underneath the water. I noticed I wasn't the only one diving in, I saw some other beings jump in and some of them morphed into ocean creatures like a whale or a dolphin. I was like, "wow, that is really cool" . So me being the clever person I am, I thought to myself, "I'm going to do that so I can swim better in the water" , and as soon as I hit the water I told myself I wanted to turn into a fish and when I tried to feel my tail and I couldn't because I didn't because I could still feel my fingers.

In the next dream sequence, I felt like I was in school. There were all these seminars going on in different rooms and the person I was with said, "pick anything you want to learn, go insdie, and you'll learn it" . They were so many rooms with so many different topics to pick from. I saw this one room with a sign outside that said, "Superiority" and peeked in. I remember the feeling of superiority made me uncomfortable so I stepped back out and looked at our hallway leader and said, "I want to learn how to morph into a dolphin or whale so I can swim better in the water" . He turned to me and said, "that's easy, you have to find your animal guide first" .

Maybe that's why I couldn't turn into a fish earlier because that wasn't my animal spirit guide.

I actually know how to find your animal spirit guide too, if anybody wants to know, then keep reading.

Meditate that you're on a sunny beach, the weather is nice, there's a cool breeze, you're relaxing listening the waves gentley coming onto shore. As you look across the beach you notice you're the only one there and that's when you ask your animal spirit guide to join you. So in your meditation, you close your eyes, ask them if they'd like to join you, and then as you open them, you look to the end of the beach, see a shadow forming, and whatver animal appears, that's your animal spirit guide.

When you find out which animal it is, keep it to yourself.

Cool, huh!

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