Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ode to Canada!!

As promised, I would dedicate a special blog to the which ever foreign country I get the most hits from in there Native language, and this month's winner is Canada.

And since Canada uses proper English like we do, I came up with another great little way to appreciate all my Canadian readers. So I'm going to end all my sentences with the infamous Canadian expression - aye. If anyone's never spoke to a hardcore Canadian, they have a tendency to finish their sentences with the word - aye. I'm guessing they use the word aye as a way to reaffirm to their intentions to the person they're talking to.

For instance:

"Hey guys, I'm going to the store to get some bacon, aye"

"My wife's on her period, aye"

"Damn it's sure cold in Canada, why couldn't we live in Florida, aye"

I think you guys get the point.

Thanks to all my Canadian readers! You guys are awesome, aye.


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