Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January Something

Hey guys, I haven't written a lengthy blog in a while so here it goes.

My hit blog - Half Nake Adam Levine, that went viral pretty much stopped peaking a couple of weeks ago. I guess when his nude pics from Cosmo UK came out, the hype was over and the people weren't curious anymore about what was going on with him.

That's cool. I always wanted one of my blogs to go viral but just wasn't sure how, when, or if it was going to happen.

I was just fortunate to be following Adam on Twitter and downloaded his practice picture before he took it down off the web. I tried looking for it in his twit pics and couldn't find it.

I don't feel like I've invaded his privacy at all. If Adam Levine didn't want to share that picture, then he wouldn't of posted it all.

So that's my blogging style I guess. I'm only going to blog about the shit that everybody already knows about.

It's not business to be airing other people's shit especially if they're trying to lead private lives. I guess that's what seperates my blog from Perez Hilton, the Enquirer, or other tabloid media's.

It's be nice if I could get some high profile celeb's to do interviews with so you never know.

Maybe when I move to L.A. my blogs will get more interesting, only time will tell.


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