Sunday, January 9, 2011

Joie de Vivre

Pulled into L.A. earlier this evening and finally made it back to the hotel.

The name of the hotel is Joie de Vivre, which is French for, "Joy of Life" . It's kind've nice really.

I had a really good night out on the town. The people were so nice out, everywhere I turned people were smiling. I'm convinced this whole town is medicated, no one can be that happy all the time.

Nonetheless, it was a very welcoming atmosphere.

I went to the Hollywood Improv and tried to catch the 10pm show. They sold out so I got turned away. No worries, there's like 3 other comedy clubs in town so I just headed to the next one.

I ended up at the Comedy Store and caught Carlos Mencia do a 45 minute set. His opening joke bombed but after that he put on a show that was worthy of the Comedy Store stage. I know he bumped a few comedians because he was up there for a while.

Does anybody remember the lady comic who won Last Comic Standing a few years back - Iliza Schelinger, probably not. Anyhoo, she was supposed to be on the next but she got bumped. You could tell she was irate because she kept going in & out of the green room. All I could think was good, I knew after watching Carlos Mencia do a 45 minute set there was no way in hell no one was going to be able to follow that, maybe another big time comedian but that wasn't happening.

And then Iliza came on stage early because the sound box guy and Carlos kept fucking up her name. They were like, "coming to the stage, Iliza Schlessingher something" ... " . I really tried to stay and watch her show but all I heard her say was, "I'm Jewish..." and that was enough for me so I was out've there.

No wonder why some comedians have stage names, probably because they got tired of their long names getting butchered by other comedians.

Since it's Saturday night, ya'll know I had to end my night at the Arena dance club on Santa Monica Blvd. That's my favorite spot in town on a Sat. night! Love it Love it love it !!!!

I know I'm supposed to be dieting but I can't be anywhere near a bunch of Latino's without a Mexican hot dog cart being close by, so you guys know I had to get me one. A Mexican hot dog is wrapped in bacon, cooked, and served with grilled onions. They're so good.

I got a full day tomorrow, I just gotta remember to take my camera and do some sightseeing.

Anyhoo, that's my night.

I got my show tomorrow for the Nonstop Comedy Show in Santa Monica and I'm looking forward to it.


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