Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mark Wahlberg

So everyone knows the Oscars are coming up and everyone has picked their favorites.

Mark Wahlberg, a former Calvin Klein underwear model, plays lightweight boxing champ - Mickey Ward, an Irish boxer from Lowell, Massachusetts.

This was a good movie, it was such a good movie that all it's main stars were nominated except for the lead title character played by Mark Wahlberg, ouch.

Melissa Leo was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as the matriarch, Amy Adams was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for playing his fiesty girlfriend, Christian Bale was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for playing his crack addicted brother and the movie itself was nominated for Best Picture.

I have to agree with the nominations. I like Mark's work a lot but really there was nothing special about his character in this movie.

Here's Mark in his underwear campaign.

With a body like this who needs a little gold statue? I mean really, he's already a a winner. He's hot, he's been in a bunch of movies, and he's not a bad rapper.

Just maybe acting isn't his thing. And honestly, if you stare at his six pack long enough you'll forget what you're thinking about, I know I did, what was I saying?


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