Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Matthew Morrison

Wow, has anybody seen the new photo spread of Matthew Morrison in this month's issue of Details?

If some of you aren't familiar with Matthew, he's one of the stars from the hit musical tv show - Glee. Which I don't watch but I hear it's good. Frankley, the tv show Glee looks really gay and my head would probably explode if I watched it.

Back to Matthew, isn't he a hottie. I read some of this interview and he said during his work out regimine, he only eats a handful of nuts when dieting. I'm gonna stay away from commenting on that but wow, whatever he's doing, he looks great.

This pic of Matt is hot but why is he carrying a hammer out've the water?

Matthew Morrison is definitely cover material, he's so cute he almost makes me want to watch Glee, almost.

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