Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finally, a day off

Hey guys, I just got home from a whirlwind day in San Francisco.

The Mac World convention finally came to a close and now I have a few days to relax before the next one comes in.

I didn't want to come home right away so I decided to spend some time in the city by seeing a movie. I decided to see, " The King's Speech" , starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter, and Guy Pearce.

This movie has been getting a lot of Oscar buzz and I'm sure it'll atleast win Best Actor for Colin Firth's role as King George VI, a speech impaired British monarch who overcomes studdering to deliver a great speech at the end of the movie.

So anyhoo, this movie wasn't exactly playing in any of the mainstream movie outlets so I had to walk to an Indie movie house in downtown SF. If anyone's ever been to an Independent Movie House, they play obscure foreign movie trailors while you wait for your feature.

So while I was munching on my popcorn, they played this new French movie trailor called, "Of Gods And Men", and I totally saw this saw this French actor in this film who I boned earlier last year in the castro.

"Of Gods and Men" , is about a group of French Christian monks who live in a monastary during a civil unrest in North Africa.

As you guys watch the trailor, try to guess which monk I got freaky with:

Some of you guys who have been following my blog for the past couple of years may remember me blogging about this French guy I fucked.

Let's do a quick recap.

Sometime last year I was walking home from another night in the castro and this obviously tall lanky foreign guy was checking out my goods, we got to talking, and before you know it, we ended up in his hotel room which happened to be right across the street from where he was standing. I guess that's how French guys roll, they stand outside their hotels and hollar at whoever walks by.

So I totally know it's the same guy from this movie because the guy I hooked up with was a French actor and he deinitely left an impression on me.

Before we got freaky, he decided to take a shower. So while I patiently waited in the bedroom, he hollared out from the shower, "please don't steal anything" .

And I politely replied back, "honey, you ain't got shit worth stealing" .

It's just my luck this guy turned out to be a French prick. I should've left by then but the slut in me kept me hanging out.

You know what's crazy. I'm sure this French actor came to the states for a celebrity free vacation, meaning he came to hang out and walk amongst us as a normal person. Because really, if you're not from France then how's anybody else gonna know who the heck you are, espeically if you're famous?

This whole experience makes me think that somewhere in another country, my counterpart got lucky with an American actor from the movie, "Grown Up's" . *ehw*

That's the universe for you, same shit, different place.


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