Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top 10 Male Bonding Activities

I pulled this down from, which I think is the most latent homosexual website ever. I mean really, why do men need to know other's men issues unless they're trying to hook with them?

So here's the break down of the Top 10 Male Bonding activities with my own gay explanations of why men like to hang out with each other.

10) Fixing something - I think being a good mechanic makes men feel sexual. This activity empowers them and makes them feel like they're in control.

9) The Barbershop - Men like to gossip, this is there time when they like to let the girl out.

8) Playing Video Games - This is one of the most ultimate guy on guy past times. This activity is intimate because it's very subtle. If a dude invites another dude to come over and play video games, he's only doing it to check him out.

7) Working Out - This is good one. Personally I like to workout and I hate it when other dudes are checking me out when I'm lifting. Mostly because it's my time and I'm not there to hook up. But if you're lifting with a buddy, then most likely somebody is going to "accidentally" , pop a boner.

6) Going to a Strip Club - There's nothing hotter than a bunch of dudes sitting next to each other getting boners.

5) Watching the Game - Sports are great, they're fun to watch, exciting and there's a lot of plays to be made. But what seriously blows my mind is when a bunch of men get together and watch another group of men in spandex swinging fallic symbols while patting each other on the butt. Whatever, that's gay.

4) Shooting Some Hoops - this is a step up from #5. Guys like watching guys play with each other so much they want to take part in it, they make it seem enticing.

3) Fishing or Camping - I have only two words for this, "Brokeback Mountain" .

2) Grilling/BBQ - This is how you can tell if your man is gay or not. If he likes grilling hamburgers, congrats, this is the future father of your children. If he likes grilling hot dogs more than honey.. let him go.

1) Grabbing a beer after work - Oh lord... oh lord... if I had a penny for everytime some dude try to mack on me when he was drunk then I'd have enough to buy a brand new car. Whatever. The only reason why guys drink is because it gives them an excuse to bust a move. Right, when have you ever not heard a guy say this line, "oh, I only did that because I was drunk" , yeah right. You did it because you really want to do it.

Other fun male bonding activities:

Wrestling - Men love showing affection thru physical dominance, after he pins you down, reach around and squeeze hit butt.

Spooning - Spooning is cuddling to stay warm, take it a step further and reach into his pants.

Taking a Piss - One of the ultimate guy bonding activities is taking a piss together at the trough, men will take it as insult if you don't look at their junk.

Orgy - enough said. 

Showering together - Have you ever noticed guys like staring at other each while in the communal shower stalls?  I say, if they want to stare, give them something to stare at by grabbing your sponge and cleaning your asshole right in front of them.

And thats my summary. I believe that most men are bisexual and there's nothing wrong that, what's not to like about other men.

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  1. Sounds like youre around alot of gay guys being hit on all the time