Friday, February 4, 2011

Charlie Ballard Live Synopsis

I just submitted my DVD to the San Francisco Int. Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, here's the synopsis.

"a local guy getting national attention" - SF WEEKLY

"Charlie Ballard Live" , is an independent stand up comedy film featuring the homegrown talent of Queer Native American stand up comedy performer Charlie Ballard.

Charlie started doing stand up comedy at the Brainwash Cafe in San Francisco in 2003 and hasn't looked back. In 2005, he was a semi-finalist for NBC's Stand Up for Diversity talent search in Chicago, Illinois. From there, Charlie made it on to LOGO, Comedy Central, and NBC's America's Got Talent. Since then he's become a favorite at college's, casino's and comedy clubs all over the country.

Charlie is easily recognizable by his Queer and Native American comedy niche. His first video clip on youtube, "Charlie Ballard: Being Gay and Native American" , managed to garner him acclaim all over the world. This was the springboard that thrusted him into the national spotlight.

He's also had write up's published in the Indian Country Newspaper, Campus Magazine, and the Advocate Magazine.

This comedy film is in ode to Richard Pryor's first live taping - "Still Smoking" , filmed live in front of an intimate crowd at the Dark Room Theater in San Francisco, California. He takes his audience threw a comedic romp on sex, dating, politics, and some good old fashioned non sense.

With the political climate in the United States making it hard for any Gay comedian to make it big in the mainstream, Charlie's decided to do it his own way, unabashed and unapologetic, and all while being hysterically funny.

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