Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Savage Love

Here's another letter I wrote to syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage asking for advice.


Dear Dan,

I'm a middle aged gay man who hasn't been boned in a couple years. The main reason I stopped having sex is because I had an STD scare early in my 30's. After years of being a safe sex gay guy, one night I decided to let it go and let this guy fuck me in the ass without a condom. For once, I just wanted to enjoy a dick up my ass without a piece of plastic on it. Of course the next day I had to slap myself and say, "what the fuck I was thinking" ? A couple weeks later I tested negative for a plethora of diseases I could've contracted not mention the big one - HIV. And so this last experience pretty much soured me any sexual contact since then. I use to love getting sex any way I could with a condom, via one night stands, sex clubs, parks, bus stops, etc. And what's worse, I think not getting any sex lately has turned me into a super bitch. What do I need to do to get back on the saddle again?

Tired of Being Dried Up

Charlie Ballard

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