Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long Week

It's early Saturday morning and I just got threw with a hellish week at work. It was worth it because I was able to pay off my credit card debt and still come out a head.

Now I have the arduous task of saving up for a car.

I can do it, it's only a matter of time.

I hate being in debt. I was talking to my comedian friend Ethan Orloff the other night and he said if you're not rich than your only goal in life is try to get to zero. Meaning most of us in life spend well way beyond our means and we're having a shitty time paying off our debts.

And what kills me is that I honestly don't have shit to show for any of the money I've spent recently. Maybe some pants and shirts from Old Navy but definitely nothing really cool like a car.

Tonight I went to the Il Pirata to watch the monthly Speech Therapy Comedy show and it was actually pretty good. I always enjoy watching the local SF comedians in action.

The highlight of the night had to be when I met this French woman who currently resides in Oakland. We talked about what it's like to live in Oakland and she said I was pessimist for not having a good opnion of Oakland. She doesn't know Oakland the way I do.

She made some interesting points about how Oakland's changed for the better lately. She said the nightlife has really improved with the Fox Theater renovation and the addition of the Uptown neighborbood in downtown Oakland. She also pointed out that the first Friday of every month the downtown art stores hold a block party for the locals.

(Insert pessimism here)

Bitch please. What are we, a small town? Why don't we just throw an annual Strawberry Festival in deep East Oakland and see who doesn't get shot.

I wish our cities problems like chronic homelessness, gangs, crime, prostitution, unemployment, dirty streets, and so on could all get better overnight but I suppose it takes time.

One of my more, "pessimistic" , comments was when I said, "it seems like we can't ever have anything nice in Oakland without somebody fucking it up" .

The only bright spot I had to contribute to the conversation was about our new Oakland Mayor Jean Quan. She's the real deal on community change. I've seen her do it and make our streets safer. You go Miss Quan!

So for now, all I can do is plan a trip to Paris, France and hope they have cooler shit to do than pie bake off's.


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