Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pointless Blog

My blogging habits have dropped lately and some of you maybe asking yourselves, "what have you been doing with yourself lately" ?

Here's a quick rundown:

1) Just got off the phone with Juicely, that girl always manages to pick me up and make me laugh when I need it the most. I really do think my humor comes from my friends.

2) Lastnight I went back to Cobb's to watch Paul Mooney again. As always, that man never fails to disappoint. His joke repetoire will always be in a class by himself.

3) I did a 20 minute set at the 800 Larkin before I went to Cobb's. I probably did a few scripted jokes but then riffed the rest of the time with doing a Q & A with the crowd. That was so fun. I've never felt more comfortable on stage and for once, I could finally see the jokes clearly while I was riffing. It was an amazing feeling.

4) For this whole week I've been trying to hook up with Arab guy from craigslist but our schedules aren't flexilbe enough to meet so he said, "don't think I don't have any morals or anything but if you want, we could fuck in abandoned alley" . And do you guys know what I responded back to him? I said, "I'm not really into alley's" . If any of you guys have ever kept up with my blogs then you'd all know how bad I was lying.

5) On my way to a cafe lastnight, I saw a guy laying on the street on the corner of 8th & Market. He looked like a victim of a hit & run. Fortunately the SFFD was there. It didn't look good, I hope he's alright.

6) I'm on my 2nd day off from work. My work schedule doesn't start until next Wednesday. Britney Spears is coming to SF to give a free concert in the Castro and I'm scheduled to work that day. Hopefully I can get somebody else to fill in for me and so I can go check her out. I don't love Britney but I love anything for free.

7) The Supermoon was out lastnight and I totally was out've the loop for that one. I guess the Supermoon was at it's brightest and biggest because this is the closet it's been to the Earth in a long time. When I think of the moon, I think how it affects the tides and people's emotions. Knowing that, I tried to keep mine in check. Coincidently the wind and the rain was really blowing threw SF. It was really something to see. Around 2AM it finally let up. Good thing I was indoors the whole time watching Paul Mooney. My heart went out to all the homeless people who weren't as fortunate to be indoors.

8) Acclaimed actor Charlie Sheen created a new catch phrase for the American Pop Culture - "Winning" . Dude, if you really want to be a winner in my book, then donate all the money you make to the people who need it the most. He could definitely start with the Japan Tsunami victims. Oh yeah, big props to Sandra Bullock who donated a million dollars to the Japan disaster relief. That's the second time she's done that and because of it, I will always a be Sandra Bullock fan.

9) I'm still stalking several people on facebook and that's only because their facebook pages aren't set to private. Whatever. I think they want to be watched otherwise why else have it open to the public? Anybody who says the reason why they leave their page open is because they have nothing to hide are fuckin liars. I still censor my blogs, status updates, tweets, and whatever else I put on the web all the time and even in this blog. I only tell you guys what I want you to know. And even with that, I only extend that to the public as a courtesy. I have to save somethings for my private life, right?

10) Here's my last thought. While I was working out on the 800 Larkin stage I caught myself saying, "I think I've gone as far as I could go" . And what I was talking about was my comedic pay grade. I'm only going to make so much money as a semi-famous comedian. I'll never break into the big money unless I can figure out a way to catapult my name & face out into the public on a major scale. I've read other comedians who've been doing this a lot longer and who are hitting that same wall too. They wanna stop playing these po dunk comedy clubs and start playing these grand places like Carnigie Hall, the Met, the Louise Davies Symphony Hall, or the Nob Hill Masonic Theater. And you know what I've noticed, all the comedians that play those places have had talk shows. So that's what I need. Oh fuck, check this out. Charlie Sheen is doing a national tour and he's already selling tickets for 50$ - 80$!!! Are you fucking kidding me? And all the newspapers are just as clueless as to what kind've show he's going to be giving? But you know what people, people are buying tickets. Isn't that fucking crazy? I'm guessing Charlie Sheen is banking people wanting to listen to his crazy rants, who knows? This is a weird business I'm in.

Alright guys, thanks for listening to my rants.


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