Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Queen Charlie

It must be all the Coca Cola and Ibprofren I've been taking lately because my dreams have been pretty lucid.

For instance lastnight I had this wild dream I was elected Queen and everyone came up to me congratulating me. No big deal right? Well, I must've won the title of the year because even the most villainous people I knew came up to me and extended their hand to me.

And in my dream, I told myself, "what kind've queen would I be if I didn't if I didn't show gratitude and humility" . So I graciously threw them a smile, shook their hand, and then sat there on my throne all pretty.

The next part of the dream got better. I was still Queen and I had to address another line of people. I got a better vibe from the people in this line. These people made me forget my royal protocols and then I wanted to hug them all, so that's what I did. I was like, "okay, I'm getting tired of hugging all of you one by one" , so then I just gave everybody one big group hug.

I love my dreams because I can be delusional as I want.

You know, I could've dreamt of getting a massage by a bunch of naked men but nope, I decided to dream about my duties and responsibilities to the people.


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