Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shit Talker

The reason why stand up comedy is dominated by men is because our society has decided that because men are phycially superior than women, their brains should be just as superior too, which is why so many men try to display their intellengence by telling jokes on stage.

So where does this leave the gay male comedian? In my experience, Gay male comedians are relagated to being ministrels - jovial, outrageous, over the top, never to be taken seriously.

Not anymore.

Tonight at the Brainwash Cafe open mic I finally woke up and realized that my voice is just as important without the hokey gimmick. I'm hoping other people in my similar position decide to step up and give the, "man" , a run for his money.

It also inspired me to write this last status update on my facebook page:

"the fun, frolic-ly happy go lucky gay comedian known as Charlie Ballard is now officially dead.. the social politcally conscience shit talking faggot comedian known as Charlie Ballard is now born, hoping to bring back balance to the Universe. xoxo"

I'm actually kind've excited, it feels like I found my voice again.

This should be fun.


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