Friday, April 8, 2011

Indian Car

This is for all the Natives out there who drive an Indian car.

*however unpolitically correct it is to use the word Indian to describe Native Americans, whatever, that word has been used to desribe us since Columbus has been here so telling us the word isn't in fashion with us anymore isn't going to stop making us us it.

For my non-American or non-Native readers, Indian cars refer to an automotive owned by a Native American who lives on a reservation. Native American's who live on on the reservation have a tendency to keep their cars on low maintence.

There are certain distinguisable physical characteristics to spotting out an Indian car, such as:

1) if it takes you 5 seconds to roll down your window and an hour to roll it back up.

2) on the back of your car it says Toyota but on the interior it says Honda.

3) if you have to start you car like Fred Flintstone.

4) if your car has been "parked" , in front of your house for the past 4 years.

5) if the car heater is broke, you use the cigerette lighter to stay warm.

6) if you use your emergency brake for your real brakes.

7) in case of emergency White people carry a flashlight & a blanket in their trunk, in case of emergency Indian people carry a bottle of tobasco sauce and duct tape in their glove compartment.

8) when your speed odometer goes out, you have to guess how fast your're driving.

9) if you won your car at a 50/50 raffle.

10) if the only way your car drives is in reverse, then you own an Indian car.

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