Friday, April 29, 2011

Margaret Cho Lately

Uh... that would be nice if Margaret Cho had a talk show but seriously, I was not thinking of Chelsea Lately when I came up with the title for this blog.

So anyhoo, it's Friday night and I'm downtown SF headed over to the Punchline to watch Alex Reymundo, I know, I don't know who he is either which is why I'm going.

I was checking out Margarget Cho's fan page and came across these photo's, they're really cool.

This first one is when Margaret was on 30 Rock this past week. Are you kidding me? Margaret Cho as Kim Jung Il, wow. I had to chuckle when I saw this photo because look below at the next one.

I humbley nominate Margaret Cho to be the president of the Kim Jung Il club. Ruthless dictorship and bad haircuts not necessary to be a member.

I didn't know Margaret was a guest on Rupaul's Drag Race, I probably would have known that if I actually watched the show.  Rupaul use to have a Variety show on VH1 which was way better.  I'm guessing Rupaul is finding other ways to reinvent herself on tv, go Rupaul.

Of all the photo's I came across this was by the coolest. This is how you know you're the shit. If you become a huge super successful celebrity then I guess you get your own cartoon. I really love this one because it shows off her tat's.

I haven't quite gotten to cartoon status yet but I did once get cartoon caricature by my new friend Alan Bosco Ocampo.  If I ever go cartoon status and get tat's, I'll definitely make sure my tats are noticeable.

I'm only comparing my show business life to Margaret Cho's because its either her or Big Bird.


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