Thursday, April 21, 2011

Native American Puns

I found this on youtube, it's from the Fresh New Faces Laugh Factory in L.A.

Anyhoo, I thought this was worth a look see.

This is Rob O'Reilly doing some joke puns on Native Americans.

The only reason why White comedians get away with telling these kinds of jokes is because most comedy audiences are always White. This is mainly because White Americans make up the majority of this country. That's how racial humor works. If you have enough of your people in the audience, you can literally get away with being the Hitler of stand up comedy. And that goes for all the demographs.

Now here's the flipside.

Below is a video with Native comedian Larry Omaha. He gives his perspective on how Whites see Native Americans. Notice how Larry goes after Gay Native Americans at the end of his set.

And here's what the Gay Native American comedian Charlie Ballard has to say but who does Charlie go after at the end of his set?

Yeah, that's right, cheeseburger's!

Here's the stepladder of how racial humor works.

1) White comedian make fun of Native Americans,
2) Native American comedian make fun of Gay Native Americans,
3) Gay Native American comedian makes fun of Cheeseburgers.
4) Cheeseburgers give everyone heart disease, so in turn Cheeseburger's ultimately win.


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