Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Moment In Time

As I'm writing this blog, I already know this is going to be one of the best blogs that I've written in a long time, it's been a while since I wrote a blog that made my heart truly sing while I was writing it, but here it goes.

Lastnight was amazing, here's how yesterday's events lead up to another great day for me. I like doing bullet points so here's how it went down:

1) I spent the entire day in the back room of a cafe on my laptop like some internet troll.

2) after catching up on my buffy vampire slayer episodes, I went to Domino's and brought home some pizza. Of course when I brought the pizza home, my brother starts rolling his eyes because he's tired of me bringing home pizza, but hey nobody cooks in my house so tough cookies.

3) I emailed a comedy friend to return my comedy DVD's that I lent him recently. Okay, I really didn't say it to him like, it was more like, "stop being flakey and bring my shit this Thurday" . I know, I have such a way with words. He decided the drop point was going to be at the New Parrish open mic in Oakland and of course, while I was there, I decided to put some time in on stage. I worked a new big girl joke that went over pretty well. After that, I headed over to the Lay Over where Mike Spieglemen was hosting his weekly Tuesday night show. Rob Cantrell from Last Comic Standing Season 1 was there, I guess him and Mike go way back. I liked Rob's material a lot, he has a certain charm to him. After flirting with Casey Ley for a little bit outside, I decided to head over to the SF. I guess Casey is dating a new guy that does drag and I kept teasing Casey calling him a, "tranny fucker" . There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a tranny fucker, I just knew that calling Casey a tranny fucker would put a smile on his face and it did.

4) I was on my way over to SF but where was I going? I had several options. I could've went to the Rockit Room open mic but that was way over in the Richmond district and probably by the time I got there, it would've been over. My other option was to go to the weekly LGBT comedy show at Harvey's in the Castro. That seemed like a good idea at the time but I was like, "nah, I'll blow my wad with them next week" . So in the end, I decided to go over to the Dark Room Theater in the Mission District for their weekly open mic Impov night, which is run by the Sylvan boys, Andrew & Justin.

5) When I got there, they were finishing up and of course, there were still going strong and you know what, that open mic has been drawing a good fan base lately, they've been having some pretty good crowds over there. So after the show, I was going to head out but then I noticed the guys putting out the table for poker night right after the Improv show. And since I didn't have to work today and I love to gamble, I said to myself, "why not" ?

6) I honestly don't know anything about poker so I asked the guys to help me out. They were really good about explaing the different kinds of poker games we played. I mean, I've played the little hand pocket poker game from my bff's mom from when she use to carry around but that was about it. And when it came to playing cards, I'm more of a Blackjack player. So to make a long story short, the buy in was 10$ and guess what people, I took almost everybodies chips! Here's a picture of me with my poker chips.

Honestley, I wanted to have somebody take a picture of me grabbing all the chips from that last pot but I didn't think it would've been a very gracious thing for me to do and plus I didn't think of it at the time otherwise I would've done it.

7) Wow you guys, I won the the first 2 hands right off the back. I'm guessing because the other players knew I wasn't an avid poker player, they tried to bluff me out've my first two hands and that probably would've worked unless I didn't watch World Championshiop Poker on ESPN. I probably lost one big hand because another player was running out've chips and I felt bad because so I bet low for that game to keep her in it. I'm not going to say who it was but let's just say she's dating Andrew and she works at the Apple Store in downtown SF. So when the pot was big and it was time to show our cards, her full house barely beat my full house. So after that, I was like, "no more Mr. nice queen" .

8) Okay so basically the best game of the night was the last game we played. And of course that was the biggest pot of the night, one player was already out and another player was going all in. Jim, the Dark Room owner, still had some chips left because he's a smart poker player but really, the last game we played, that was it, all the chips to be won was in that last pot.

9) Can you guys feel the drama and tension from me writing this blog. If I did my job, then you guys should be feeling the suspense up until this point.

10) Okay, so as it turns out, my main competition was Jim, the Dark Room Theater owner. It seem fitting I was the last person to show my cards. But before I did, everybody had to show their cards. When it came to Jim, you could tell by the big smile on Jim's face that he knew he was going to win. Jim turned over 4 Aces. Wow, are you kidding me? I thought to myself, "Wow, this is really going to blow his mind when I show him I'm holding a Royal Flush" .

I am so not kidding you guys. That's how I won all the chips lastnight, with a Royal Flush. I still can't believe it.

It really is an amazing feeling to win on a hand like that. It felt very 007-ish but instead of the shaken martini, I was like, I'll have my Hawaiin punch in a bottle, not a can.

I'm sooooooo going to remember this night for a long time, so I had all the players sign this scrap piece of paper that I was using to remind me how the poker hands ranked.

Here's a picture of the piece of paper that all the player's signed:

Just cute.

As you guys can see, these guys weren't sore losers at all.

That's Jim signature at the top, he's a great guy.

The signature in the middle is Andrew, he's one of the Sylvan boys whose producing my first Live CD that's coming out soon.

At the bottom, you can see Andrew's girlfriend signature where she wrote, "you's a bitch" , which might I add, she kept repeating to me threw out the night, which finally I had to say back to her, "that's right honey, I am a bitch.. but tonight I'm a winning bitch" ... hehehehe


So the reason why I decided to call this blog, "One moment in Time" , is because there are certain times in my life where I became the outright winner and have had the pleasure of coming out on top. It really is a wonderful feelings, I suggest everyone try it sometime, it really is invigorating.

There have been other times in my life where I came out on top, let's do a quick little recap of my own personal thrilling little victories:

- 5th grade, when I hit a home run while practicing with the Giant Blues little league team.

- 7th grade, when I caught an interception during a flag football game and ran it all the way to the tough down line.

- 11th grade, during a school assembly at Sherman, we listened to an Iraq war survivor give her account of being over there, so at the end of her talk, I asked a question, I said, "do you think our country would be over there if we didn't have industrial ties with them (meaning it was oil related) " . After the assembley, the local news happen to be there and they wanted to speak with me and have me elaborate more on my question, which I didn't by the way.

let's fast forward a little....

Circ 1990's - While hanging out at the now defunct Indian bar, Merle's Hilltop, I beat a pool hustler. Not an easy thing to do. The only way to beat a pool hustler is to sink all your balls in when it's your turn.

Circ 2000's - While still in school at Haskell, I was hanging out with Brother Joe at the Light House, they taught me how to play another card game called Hearts and on my first hand, "I shot the moon" . If you're a Hearts player, then you know what I'm talking about.

So there it is people. I'm feeling so good that I decided to play some Whitney Houston for everyone. When I listen to the lyrics, I'm like yeah, I can relate.


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