Friday, April 22, 2011

Prince William - Wedding Day Jitters?

Prince William was a no show at his wedding day rehersal.

Maybe Prince William saw Kill Bill Vol.2 and thought to himself wedding rehersals aren't such a good idea after all.

Not really, Prince William was reportedly on duty at his RAF Search and Rescue Station. Fortunately his little brother Harry was able to step in for the 30 minute run threw. (

My bet is Prince William is more worried about carrying on the family seed.

Recently reporters asked Prince William when he would be starting a family with his new bride and in fashion like any soon-to-be groom, he grimaced and shook off those personal questions with a whimper and nervous wince.

Well handled William. Whose answers questions like that anyway?

Why didn't the paparazzi just flat out ask him, "Prince William, when you are you going to start dropping it like's it hot" ?

I'm sure such a more informal question like this one would've gotten a better response from him.


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