Friday, April 29, 2011

Signs of a Bad Wedding

The signs of a bad wedding:

1) The pastor says, "do you take this man to be your husband... yadda... yadda.. yadda.."

2) Your getting married at the Church of Scientology.

3) Top Ramen was a dinner option.

4) This is your 2nd marriage in the last month.

5) When you look at the design on the dinner plates, those aren't frogs leaping over each other.

6) Your wedding ring turns you into a midieval sociopathetic troll.

7) You wake from a drunken stooper and see a tattoo on your lower back that's says, "just married" .

8) There's a sign at your wedding reception that says - No Host Cash Bar.

9) When Martha Stewart heard how you doubled your kids Bar Mitzfah with your wedding, she just about died.

10) When the pastor says do you take this woman to be your wife for the rest of your like, you say, "Fire" !!!

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