Sunday, June 5, 2011

Outlaugh Comedy Festival 2011 Recap

Yep, congrats to all the performing comics in this year's 2011 Outlaugh Comedy Festival! They were all great and it was an absolute honor and pleasure to be performing along side all of them!

And mad props to activist/comedian Robin Tyler, the first trailblazing queer comedian to hit the L.A. comedy scene in the 70's.

While receiving the Outlaugh Comedy Award, Robin said in 1972, while none of the L.A comedy clubs allowed her to do gay jokes but it was Mitzi Shore, owner of the Comedy Store, that gave Robin the green light to say whatever she wanted on the Comedy Store stage.

I encourage all the LGBT comedians out there to keep going pursuing your dreams no matter where you're at in your comedy career.

No matter how great or small, your work and visibility is important!

Stay fresh!


Outlaugh Comedy Festival 2011 - West Hollywood, CA.

Comedy Store Green Room

me, Arvin, Kathy, and Shawn

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