Monday, July 18, 2011

Fucked Up

I just saw the most fucked up thing ever. I needed to use the WiFi at Starbucks tonight in the Castro but this gay couple was outside on the bench taking up all the room so I went to the club to kill time and when I finally came out, there were still there, so I was like fuck it, I'm going to load up regardless.

So while I was logging on, the older gay guy had this younger gay guy wrapped in his arms and he kept saying, "wake up, wake up... let's go home" . And the younger gay guy wouldn't budge or say anything. So for a couple minutes he kept doing that and the older gay kept saying, "you better be alright, you better be alright...wake up" and nothing, the younger guy just laid there wrapped in his arms.

And that's when I began to myself think the younger gay guy in his arms might be dead.

Just then, the younger gay guy woke up, grabbed his friend's arm and said, "I'm okay, you thought I was dead, huh" ? The younger gay guy then proceeded to say, "I just needed to show you that I could act" .

And then the older gay guy flipped out and said, "fuck this, I'm outta here" , and then walked off.

That's when I began to chuckle. When the older gay guy bounced, I asked the younger gay guy what was all that about and he said, "I was just being a bitch" .


I asked the younger gay if he really was auditioning and if his friend was a producer or something. He said his friend is an accountant for Industrial Light & Magic and he really wanted to show his friend his acting skills.

OMG, by this time, we were both laughing hysterically.

I said, "that was a pretty fucked up thing to do because I really thought to myself that you might be dead and I was going to have to call the ambulence and tweet this" .

He said, "no, he's my roommate and besides, when I'm in a bitchy mood, I make sure all my friends feel my pain" .

Again, wow.

So we both exchanged more pleasentries, shook hands and high five'd. He said, "well okay, I gotta go meet my friends at the Mix Bar" , which is right next to Starbuck's in the Castro.

I want everyone to know this is a totally true story.

It sort've reminds of a scene from the gay movie , "I Love You Phillip Morris" .

Anyhoo, here's to all the wicked people that make the world go round.


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