Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh fuck, where did June go?

Wow, what a very unproductive month for blogging.

Did I finally start living my life off the net, no.

Honestly, the time I spend on the internet has helped time fly by.

This month is starting off great. I'm heading to the East coast to spend time in our Nation's capitol for the 4th of July with family. I'm kind've excited, there's going to be a good blog about our trip when I get home. This isn't my first time going to D.C., in 1989, I went when I was 16 as part of the Close Up Program, which gives high school students the chance to see our Nation's capitol at work.

After D.C., we're going to head down to Virginia Beach and visit my aunt for a couple days. I've never been to VA Beach and I'm really excited about going there.

I had some comedy gigs lined up but I think I got bumped when they saw my online gay comedy clips. We'll see when I get out there. After doing comedy for 8 years, my expectations have changed about the comedy game. The political atmosphere has made it tough for me or any working gay stand up comedian to make it in this business. So for me to furfill my dreams as an entertainer, I'm going to work extra hard to win over the American audiences.

As much as I've been threw, I still can't believe I want to be a mainstream comedian.

Our generation still doesn't have any big gay comedians, don't get me wrong, there's Ellen Degeneres, Wanda Sykes, Rose O'Donnell, Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin but do you guys see the common denominator here, they're all women. Nothing wrong with that but why hasn't there been a big gay male comedian trying to take over the scene? Okay well Kathy Griffin isn't gay but she might as well be with as many gay people that attend her shows.

I came into this wanting to be the first big Gay comedian and still want to. But we'll see, there's plenty more years left to see how it plays out. It's going to be fun trying to get there!

Alright ya'll, I'm still shooting for the stars!


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  1. lmao i remember CLOSE UP it was such an awesome program!!! I loved everything we did on that trip and all the other students we were able to interact with it was amazing:)I am excited for you on all your ventures i know you will get to where you truely want to be and all the hard work you have put in will pay off. All my love and devotion to you