Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I read in one Margaret Cho's write up's that she said went back to drinking.

As much as I wanted to be surprised, I wasn't.

A big reason why I was such a fan of her's in the first place was because she managed to get away from that party lifestyle and blossom into this amazing person with high ideals.

I suppose she can still be this amazing person with these incredible convictions but somehow, she seems less authentic to me now.

I've been around many drunks and many base heads long enough to know when somebody is blowing smoke up my ass, so that's what keeps me skeptical.

Do I know the whole story why she went back to using, not at all.

And I'm sure whatever the reason why she went back using, she keeps it between herself and her therapist.

The best I can say to her as one of her longtime fans is that I hope she's being truthful with herself and hope she manages to find peace and happiness, however she finds it.


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