Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy BDay to Mom's !!

Today is my mom's Bday!

Yesterday was a doozy because I knew I wanted to make cupcakes for my mom's birthday and I knew we didn't have any of the cupcake making stuff at the house so I had to make sure I stopped by the store to pick up those things before I came home from the city.

The other thing I needed to pick up was a toilet seat replacement because my fat ass broke it the other day.

Ace Hardware was my first stop of the day. I knew Ace was only going to be open until 6pm so the toilet seat was the first thing I needed to pick up.

Before I could pick up the cupcake mix, I needed to stop by a couple comedy open mic's to try out some new jokes that I'm going to be telling at the Electric Powwow this upcoming Friday.

I tried looking for a ride home at the open mic's but that wasn't happening.

Of course this had to be the night where I got stuck carrying around all these big bags. I know some of you guys are thinking, "big bags, I thought you were only getting cupcake mix and a toilet seat" , okay, you guys know if this big girl is at the store getting cupcake mix, I also had to throw in some chips, nacho cheese, and bacon to go with the leftover eggs.

By the time I was done shopping, I had to make sure I got down to the SF Transit Center to make sure I caught the last bus back to Oakland, I guess I could've caught the last train to the Fruitvale BART station and got a taxi home but I was like, "nah, I'm too cheap to pay for a taxi, I'll just save the extra money for a sandwich tomorrow" , and plus I didn't want to deal with any problems from the BART protest going on earlier in the day.

I didn't get home until 1am and didn't start baking until 1:30am because I had to shower and install the new toilet seat which by the way wasn't easy, I mean hello, do you see Mr. GoodWrench written on me anywhere?

I finally got the cupcakes done about 2:30am and it was all totally worth it.

My mom took her cupcakes to her work and her co-workers gobbled them down, they were a hit.

So Happy Birthday mom, I would very happily walk a mile with a toilet seat to make your bday cupcakes happen and I did.

And honestly, I think she was more happy that we had a toilet seat again.


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  1. Yes, CK, she probably was!

    aunt b