Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kim Kardashian - Bitch Please

If I read one more headline about Kim Kardashian's "royal wedding" , I'm going to spit on myself.

The term Royal is usually reserved for families who come from real kingdoms, who are real heads of state, who have real sovereignty over their nations, and certainly who don't make themselves famous by suckin dick on a digital camcorder.

Granted, the Kardashians have done very well for themselves but to call them royalty is a bit extreme.

Let's look at the last big royal wedding of Prince William and Kate. Now that was a super pimped out wedding. The Royal family of England paid thousands of dollars to have Kate's favorite tree's in their Church on her wedding day because they reminded her of the forest.

I mean really, what kind've high class ornaments is Kim going to have at her wedding, nice tin cups for the cheese spread?

I guess, if making a sex tape makes Kim royalty, then I'm a princess for all the times I've been on my knee's, way before it was ever considered royal.


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  1. And her husband looks like a monchichi