Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Affirmative Action UC Berkeley Cupcakes

Today, a student club at the University of California Berkeley called the Berkeley College Republicans is having a satirical bake sale to take a stand against the now defunct Affirmative Action Admission practice which allowed minority students to enter the UC College system based on the color of their skin and not so much on their test scores.

This satirical bake sale by the Berkeley College Republicans is in reaction to a campus wide minority student protest calling for the California Governor Jerry Brown to reverse the Affirmative Action Admission law.

Here's the price break down for cupcakes based on race and gender, Whites 2$, Asians 1.50$, Latino's 1$, women .25 cents and Native American's get cupcakes for free.

The BCR feels it's unjust that Whites have to pay more or full admission than their ethnic counterparts.

Oh boo hoo.

Wow, talk about trying to keep America White.

I've never been to one of their Berkeley College Republican student club meetings but I'm guessing their student group is mostly comprised of well-to-do White kids who come from families with enormous amounts of disposable income, otherwise why else would their families be sending their white children to these ridiculously expensive schools and to be honest, if money really is the issue, their white parents are stupid because they could be easily saving 200,000$ by sending their kids to Laney Community college in Oakland, California for 500$ a semester, you do the math.

In all fairness, there is some truth the Berkeley College Republicans claim.

President Barack Obama was recently in the Bay Area for a re-election fundraiser dinner where plates fetched for 30,000 per person which included a nice picture with Obama.

I can bet you guys anything the average Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins from East Oakland were not in attendence. As much Obama's Black constituents support their President, their modest income and contributions come no where close to what is needed for Obama's campaign to retain his U.S. Presidency.

Most of the Barack's major contributors have come from powerful infuential liberal White men such as Music Mogel David Geffen, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, White Jew Movie Moguls, and many other Silicon Valley tech giants.

And let's not forget about Oprah and Ellen Degeneres and all their liberal White women followers.

So really that's who runs this country, all the minorities and their liberal White supporters.

If there's was one price claim that I would really like to dispute, it's the one for Native American's and how we getting everything for free.

If the bright students of the Berkeley College Republicans paid better attention to our finanaces then they'd know they could get us to buy their shitty cupcakes for 20$ or 30$ per cake.

Don't these little Republican jack off's know about our Indian Casino's?

Atleast the top 20 Indian Casino's in the United States have 1 Billion dollar porfolio's.

Look at the Seminole Indian tribe of Florida, they own the entire Hard Rock and House of Blues restaurant chains.

The mainstream society would be surprised which different tribe have shareholdings in prominent businesses all over the world.

And if the general public still want to belive that Native Americans tribes don't have any money, then how was Bernie Madoff able to bilk millions of dollars of Native American tribes in their political lobbying Ponzi scheme?

If I was CAL student and saw that bake sale, I would've went up to the White fuckers and said, "look here babydolls, you can keep your cupcakes and your prices because your jobs and your ethnicity are going to be outsourced just everything else in this country, you stupid White be-yotches" .

And after that, I would've handed them flyers from Rentboy.com and Gayhustler.com because 99% of Republicans use gay prostitutes, those hypocritical ass muthafuckers.

I really don't know why White people complain about being on the bottom end of the Affirmative Action stick, their migrant ancestors were the first to receive Affirmative Action from Native Americans when they washed ashore to this continent all those years ago, after all these years they still haven't learned nothing.


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