Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Hella Gay Comedy Show Recap

Hey guys, I've been looking forward to writing this blog since lastnight.

We had another amazing show at the La Estrellita Cafe with the Hella Gay Comedy Show.

For one, we packed it out again which is always nice.

Two, all the performers were amazing.

Mia Bee opened the show with her amazing ukele songs. I just saw her for the very first time at the Brainwash Cafe the night before and I knew immediately she would be a perfect fit for my show.

Tammy Powers was the first stand up of the night. She rocked it with her 3 inch stelleto's and immediately broke down anyone's preconceived notion of what transgendered comedians are like.

Next up was Andrew Roberts, whose a very talented Austrailian comedian and personal favorite of mine even though he was convinced I was trying to turn him out into a stripper from the August show. He told jokes and sang some great songs on his guitar.

I'm very sure no one in the comedy community has ever booked Sweet Gail, she's this old essentric lady who hangs out with us at the open mics. We wrote a nice Children's Story sketch for her that went over well.

Andrew Holgrem and Keith D'Souza definitely turned up the talent pool for the night. Andrew came in and did Gay Jesus while Keith played his comedy Gimp. Watching Keith trying to jokes while wearing a gimp mask was classic.

Tony Lowtops, another transgendered comedian brought the heat with a Micheal Jackson joke medley and can you believe she's only been doing comedy a couple of weeks.

Jon Fink and Frankie Castro did a very daring comedy duo monologue, which was about two straight guys bff's with gay like characteristics, it was very cute.

Roman Leo dropped in a for a quick set and brought the room back. His impression of Robin Williams hand was definitely a crowd pleaser.

I just could not wait for Valeska Ville to perform, she does these amazing song parodies of Sinead O'Connor, Cher, and Shinehead.

Closing out the show was Casey Ley, he did 30 solid minutes of heart felt comedy which at times felt like a one man show. There was a old man in a wheelchair who was gleaming with energy after his set and I asked if the old man felt reinvigorated after Casey's performance and he raised his hands while smiling.

It's amazing what comedy can do sometimes.

Great show everyone!


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