Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top 10 Clues your Husband is Gay

Okay folks, the Huffington Post just published a blog about how to recognize if your husband is gay.

Here are my top 10 clues from personal experience that your man might be liking cock just a little bit more than you think.

1) His name is Jamiriquai and he's not black.

2) He loves chocolate covered banana's.

3) When he's at church and it's time to pray, he's the first on his knee's.

4) His musical idol is Freddie Mercury.

5) He uses tic tac's to cover his breath from sucking some dude's dick.

6) He likes your fingers up his butt when you're giving him oral.

7) He travels alone frequently.

8) Your man has a high amount of sexual virility.

9) He's okay with threesome's or foursomes with other men.

10) He likes to show off.

more clues

* he's okay with threesome and foursomes with other men
* your dildo sometimes smells like ass
* it's not cute anymore when your husband puts on your panies
* your pussy's is not as satisfying to him as it use to be
* he spends more time in front of the vanity mirror than you do
* his jeans are tighter than yours
* he goes on a "fishing trips" regularly
* he's really into watching football especially when it's not a good game
* your mother in law is surprised he got married in the first place
* his bisexual background is starting to catch up with him
* he loves anything unisex
* his bestfriend's name is Kip

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