Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tre Cohen - Bay Life

Hey all you skank-a-boo's !!!

I have a new love interest and his name is Sam Fuller aka Tre Cohen from his very funny comedy sketch series on youtube called, "Bay Life" . "Bay Life" , is based on Bay Area culture from this area. His character and situations are so spot on that sometimes I forget his comedy sketch series is a parody, yup, it's that good.

You can more of his videos on his website:


Sam is so fuck'in hot, jewish too, I love those testosteroni man types!

Does this picture not say, "I'm a total winner" ?


These pic's don't do Sam justice.

Hmmmm? Maybe I like his characters because I know guys like that. haha

1 comment:

  1. he isnt sam fuller. sam fuller is the guy that handles the camera and editing. he is a film student or was one. no one knows THIS guys real name but it may be SAUL COHEN......