Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blog Resentment

Lately I've been averaging about 200 hits a day on my blog and that's great. My blog hit counts are coming from all the over the world and I think that's amazing.

Now here's where reality sets in. Most of my blog readers aren't necessarily coming to my blog to read my thoughts or to see what's been floating my boat lately.

Nope, most of my blog readers are still finding the half naked picture from musician Adam Levine that I posted on my blog last year.

And then after that, I get a few residual hits from curious on lookers who are like, "oh, what's this picture of a naked man on Charlie's blog" .

Ha ha... fuck it, I'll take it.

You know guys, I've always made a point in my life to never to coat tail off anyone else's success because I figure why do anything in life that you can't do for yourself.

But I suppose this is the nature of this blog otherwise why else would I blog about other people.

So I guess I owe Adam Levine a big favor my making my blog popular and anyone's whose ever read my blog will tell you how I like to return favors. *wink wink to Adam Levine if you're reading this*


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