Sunday, October 23, 2011

Haskell Indian Nations University

It's been about 8 years since I graduated from Haskell with my B.A. in American Indian Studies and decided to pursue a career in entertainment.

When other former Haskell students hear about what I have been doing, 99% of them usually give me props and then 99% of the other time I have to extend congrats back to them because they're doing just as good if not better.

Most of the Haskell students I went to school with turned out to be Tribal leaders, business leaders, lawyers, environmentalist, teachers, and a few went on to get their doctorate degree's, how fabulous is that?

I really do think my generation lifted the, "party" , reputation Haskell has and showed all the tribal communities across the United States that we were serious about our education and wanted to make a difference.

A long time ago when I attended a tribal college commencement ceremony, the chancellor stressed that she wanted us to come back with success stories so the future generations will have good foot steps to follow.

A lot of us must of have been listening because a lot of us are doing well.

I can't give enough thanks to all the teachers and administration from Haskell who gave us there support.

There is still a lot of dogma associated with Indian families sending their kids to Haskell, most of it has to do with their families not having enough trust or faith in believing their kids will make the right decisions for themselves while at Haskell.

The best analogy I can come up with my whole experience from HINU is that if your kid is a good apple, then you don't have shit to worry about.

Onward Haskell!


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