Monday, October 31, 2011

Kim Kardashian Divorce

What a big fucking waste of money for, "Kim's Fairytale Wedding" .

Do you guys know how many starving children could have been fed with that money?

For the amount of money that was spent on the her lavish wedding an entire 3rd world village could have been easily been sent desperately needed shoes 3 fold.

Kim filed for divorce from her 2 month hubby Kris Humphries who was apparently, "blindsided" , by the divorce.

Does anyone else besides me think this marriage was a sham to begin with and another ploy by the Kardashian camp to keep Kim's name in the press?

My bet is that they're going to reconcile and divorce again and more over, this whole affair will be played out on the Kim Kardashian tv show.

Whatever Kim.

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