Saturday, October 22, 2011

Paris Hilton

Wow, so has anyone heard a peep from Paris Hilton lately?

Poor thang, remember she was the, "it girl" , and no one could walk two steps without hearing her quief.

And what's sad, she gave her fame away to her then gal pal Kim Kardashian. And when Kim had her famous wedding a couple of weeks ago, did anyone see Paris walking around with her poodles, I didn't.

It's easy to see why and how Paris fell out of the limelight, she's born into money which basically means she's lazy and doesn't have to do shit. I guess Paris thinks fame is something that she doesn't have to work for. If Paris was smart, she'd get on the band wagon and start endorsing products like the Kardashians.

Speaking of, the Kardashian clan are hustlers lead by their mama, so for the Kardashians, their celebrity depends on how hard they work and make paychecks, and thats why we've been seeing a lot of them lately.

I hate to make this blog about the Kardashians but I'm sure Paris doesn't mind. Anyhoo, if you guys have noticed, it seems like whenever one of the Kardashian sisters needed a house, they kept filming a reality show until they all had one. The only one not to have a house yet is Rob but I'm sure if he's smart, we'll be seeing a, "Rob and Scott take Miami" , soon on the E network.

This is my advice to Paris if she wants to be hot again, Paris should go suck a dick and put it on the web, it may not go viral but at least we'll all remember why we liked her in the first place.


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