Thursday, November 24, 2011

Facebook Blog Stats

Hey guys, I created a facebook page for my blogs and here are some of the stats from 10/23/11 - 11/19/11 that, it's pretty interesting if you ask me.

Readers by City:

9 San Francisco
5 Seattle
3 Austin
2 Oakland
2 New York
2 Los Angeles
2 San Antonio
2 Kingman
2 San Leandro
2 Ann Arbor
1 Rowland Heights
1 Oklahoma City
1 Rigby
1 Whittier
1 Kitchener
1 Butte
1 Staten Island
1 Atlanta
1 Waterloo
1 South San Francisco


Readers by gender and age:

Overall readership by gender:
Women 53%
Men 45%

Readership by gender and age:
24% of my readers are women 25 - 34
17% of my readers are women 35 - 44

17% of my readers are men 25 - 34
16% of my readers are men 35 - 44


Here are some popular blogs titles and content:

When I Think of November - Native American
Haskell Indian Nations University - Native American
Zachary Quinto - Gay, coming out, anti gay bullying
Top 10 Clues your Husband is Gay - subtle gay hints
Native Bling - Native American
Whites Invade America - Native American
Happy Birthday to Moms - personal, family



It's no surprise that my best blogs have been about Native Americans and its also no surprise that my best blogs have also covered gay topics such as life, love, gossip, celebrities, and current events.

I do get a lot of readers who I'm not facebook friends with and I really appreciate those readers so please don't be so shy as not to request me as a facebook friend, I'm pretty easy going and very friendly but if you some of you guys do decide to keep your distance, I totally respect that too!

A lot of my comedy fans are women and I can see why, my point of view is very pro-woman and I carry some very strong Native American feminist values.

Its really is nice to see all the cities where my readers come from, I'm sorry facebook didn't capture all the small towns where my readers plug in from too like Peach Springs, Towaoc, Whiterocks, Supai, Lawrence, Fort Hall, Farmington, Gallup, and everyone else in-between, you guys know who are you and thanks for tuning in.

So for now, thanks for reading my blogs everyone!


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