Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to Make a Woman Happy

Hey to all my men friends who love the company of a woman, here are some pointers on how to woo your way into a woman's heart:

1) Make her feel pretty - pick something about her and compliment her about it.

2) Be Supportive - understand what her point of view is and where she's coming from.

3) Be Confident - women are attracted to winners because confidence reflects virility, stamina, energy, vitality, and know how.

4) Have a job - the dead beat days for men are over, women look for independent men who can support themselves because they want to know if you're able to support a family down the road.

5) Be Faithful - women love it when you don't fuck around on them and know your heart belongs to them and them only.

6) Be Truthful - all great relationships are built on trust, without trust you have nothing.

7) Give her a good foot rub
- when you're rubbing her feet, ask her how her day went.

8) Be Handy - if it's one thing women love about men, it's how useful they are.

9) Show You Appreciation - women love love love to feel appreciated for all their hard work they put into everything.

10) Say "I Love You" - every now and then and mean it.


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