Monday, November 28, 2011

Okay Novemer, I'm Done.

November was a good month for me, I got a lot of shit done.

This past month I came to another milestone in my comedy career, I accumulated enough material for my 2nd comedy album and this time, I'm going to pay really good money to get it professionally done.

My first comedy CD, "Charlie Ballard Live" , was supposed to be released earlier this year but do to the fact that the production crew I worked with didn't know what the fuck they were doing, it didn't get released, so when I'm done recording my 2nd album, I'll probably release a dual comedy album.

This time, I'm not going to force a show just to record it, I'll wait for a good gig to come up and record it when it happens, so from now until then it's just a matter of polishing and fine tuning my new act.

The name of my new comedy album is going to be called, "Rectum" . If any of you are wondering if that title has a meaning to me, not really, I thought it just sounded cute.

Let's see, what else is going on, oh yeah, I think my anus hole has decided to close up permanently because I haven't been using it enough regularly, that sucks.

It's not that I don't want to use it, it's just that I can't find nobody to fuck me. :(

And so, in order to attract more straight men, my fav's, I've decided to grow my hair long, hope some drunk straight guys mistake me for a real girl and decide to take me home with them because we all know once them in bed it doesn't matter if you're a boy, girl or both.

I also started running again, something of which I've been neglecting this whole year. It feels really good running, there are so many positives that come from running, it makes my body feel good, it clears my head, its productive, its good for my writing, and it keeps my ambition intact.

Here's what I mean about running keeping my ambition intact, I told this to my friend Lyndon and he said I was stupid for thinking this.

After spending Thanksgiving with Lyndon, we decided to hit Lake Merritt to burn off the turkey we ate. So while I was doing my run, this older white guy passed me up, so when I got to the last mile, I could still see him a 100 yards in front of me, so I told myself, "you can do it, go pass that fucker back up or give up comedy" .

So of course I picked up the pace and I managed to catch up to him while still finishing a head of him, I was so proud of myself.

I guess I still have a lot of fight left in me to do comedy and needed to prove it and see it for myself.

See you guys in December!


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