Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gay Advice for Straight Men

Theres a lot of hot straight men who work in the Castro area in San Francisco, which is the Gay Capitol of the United States because they have managed to find their niche in our market, so listen closely hot straight guys, here are 5 money making schemes to find those gay dollars.

5) Find a nice waiter job in the Castro or an establishment that is frequented by the gays. Studies have shown that gay men are the best tippers and studies have also shown that hot straight men get the highest tips from gay men.

4) Find a gay pub/nightblub/bar to bartend at. 70% of the bartenders in the Castro bars are hot straight men and the gays love them. If you can handle get hit on, breaking up fights between two messy queens on meth then this is the job for you. Hot bartenders gay or straight make fat tip money in the clubs, but hot bartenders in gay establishments make the most, fact.

3) Hot Go Go dancers are always in demand in gay clubs, if you have enough confidence to wear a G-string and flash your junk to house music for some quick money, this might be your thing.

2) Gay Porn. You guys might have heard the expression gay for pay, a lot of straight men let other guys suck their dicks or only top other men. I know I know, you'd think that any kind sex between two men is gay but lots of straight men who have sex with other men have created these, "loop holes" , to justify their means, which also means no kissing because that's considered super-gay.

1) Gay Prostitution is the top money making scheme for the Gay Market. If you play your cards right, you can make 10,000$ in 2 weeks. Thats a lot of fucking & sucking but the money is there.

Good luck straights guys and we'll see you on the track.


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