Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Joel Osteen - Preacher

Tonight is the last night my Aunt Bev is in town and we spent our last evening together watching television.

At first, we tried watched Chelsea Lately on E but Bev was like, "who" ?

We watched the entire episode of Chelsea Lately and Bev ended up not liking her, that came as no surprise because my mom doesn't care for her comedy either.

Of course I had to be the one defending Chelsea Handlder. I was like, "hey, Chelsea Lately is a lot like Kathy Griffin, eventually if you keep watching her, you'll like her" . I know that sounds pretty back handed but its the truth. I really wasn't a big Kathy Griffin fan when, "My Life on the D List" , starting airing but after a while she begins to grow on you. And honestly, there really aren't that many good tv choices on cable so it's either watch Kathy Griffin or those guys who hunt aligators on the travel channel.

Before we started to watch Chelsea Lately, my mom wanted to get caught up on her Joel Osteen DVR episodes.

For those of you know who don't know, Joel Osteen is a Southern Baptist Preacher who has his sermons televised on National tv from Houston, Texas.

He's one of my moms favorite evangelical preachers and since shes a fan, of course I've tuned in a couple times to hear what he has to say.

His sermons are great because he always starts off with a joke.

Some of you may know his wife, shes a preacher too. She was in the news a couple years back for getting into an altercation with a flight attendent.

So, tonight Joel Olsteen was on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) being interviewed by Oprah herself. She asked him some good questions and the question I was most privy to was the one about he felt on gays.

Oprah flat out asked him what he thinks about the Gays and he said, "homosexuality is a sin" .

I bit my tongue until the end of the show and said, "well, I've been on board with everything he had to say until he called me a sinner" . There's just something about alienating your viewers that I find discomforting.

How dare he.

Of course my mom came to his defense by saying he was just quoting scripture and I was like, "that man is the head of a large congregation and hes just it reinforcing negative beliefs that people already have against us" .

And come to think of it, scripture was written by man, so really, a long time ago, some old religious fanatic who was in charge of religious interpretation, and who was probably a white man, wrote all these really hateful doctrines condemning gays, races, creeds, and whoever else went against their mantras.

Of course Oprah didn't have to ask Joel where he stood on gay marriage because that was a no brainer.

I have to say, even though I watched that program a couple of hours ago, I'm still heated with resentment and anger, being hated by strangers is not something I'm fond of.

This is whats wrong with the world. This is why theres hatred, violence, death, and ugliness geared towards innocent people. All this is, is a form of religious civil discrimination, its nothing new and has gone on for years.

Millions of millions of innocent people have died in religious crusades, inquisitions, bio-logical warfare, ethnic cleansings, and for why, because they're different?

I'm so sick of it.

Those religious fanatics have a popular saying, "hate the sin, love the sinner" .

Well I got news for them, they're the sinners for all the hate they preach.

I have met too many wonderful LGBT people who are great parents, community leaders, and productive citizens to believe they are anything less.

But I'm okay and would recommend everyone else not to get bent of shape over this issue. These religious fanatics people are only a small faction of whats wrong with the world. We have a our supporters and they know first hand what kind of people we truly are.

So I still have hope these people will someday be able to see through their close mindedness and find love and acceptence the people in the world who different from them.


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