Monday, January 2, 2012

Letter to Idol

Dear Idol,

I hope we never meet again because you ended up being such a personal disappointment to me. The energy and excitement I had during our first meet was genuinely real and I'll never forget it. But thats me I suppose, I have never been known not to wear my feelings on my sleeves because I'm like that to everyone.

I should have known we weren't going to be friends when I caught you rolling your eyes at me in the hallway all those years ago, not unless your eyeballs were really itchy at that precise moment.

I guess I am the sucker, for years I thought we'd have so much in common or so I thought.

I'm not sorry I didn't play the pretend game like the others around you and not act like I was too cool to meet you.

I'm not sorry I bought your stupid tshirts, cd's, and other commemorative junk with your name on it.

I'm not sorry for all the entertainment you gave me over the years, especially at times when I felt lonely and thought no other person understood me.

I guess I've just been really really naive so I thank you for opening my eyes.

Of course I'm sure our paths will cross again but the next time I see you, there won't be as much joy in my heart to see your face. I guess I'll have to act like the other people around you, I'll have to put on a fake smile, nod, then casually walk away from you as if nothing you said or did meant anything to me.

Oh yeah, is it tacky to ask you to reimburse me for all the concert money I paid to see you over the years because if it weren't for you, I could have bought 2 really good used cars by now.


Former #1 Fan

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  1. who you talking about? m chow? or adele. either way they are both TROLLS.....