Saturday, January 14, 2012

Margaret Cho - Tattoo Lady

In recent news, Comedian Margaret Cho erupted on her twitter page because of some unruly comments from fans on her new tattoo's.

Oh girl, Margaret Cho is the last person you want to fuck with when it comes to body image and self esteem issues.

Did these fans not remember the name of her first one woman show, "I'm The One I Want" , that whole show was about Margaret coming to terms with self acceptance and finding resolution in show business and life.

Its because of these fucked up beauty standards that so many young adults have eating disorders like anorexia & bulimia, which breed bad self esteem and self hatred for the soul.

And through it all, Margaret has found a way to break free from the beauty status quo and love everything about herself, which really is to be commended.

And do you what the strange part is, when Margaret reacted her fans didn't like the language she used in the way she responded to these hater tweets.

Are you fucking serious, have these people who are supposedly her, "fans" , never seen Margaret perform live on concert, her liberal use of the English language is what her a star in the first place, duh.

If Margaret wants to tat her body up, thats her business. And if she wants to share her new tat pics with the world, they should be grateful shes even decided to share them in the first place.

Point being, if anyone can't say anything nice about anything then they should be keeping that shit to themselves.

Go Team Margaret!

On a personal note, I can identify with Margaret on these issues because I know I don't exactly have the prettiest face and I know I don't have the best body shape and right now I have these two fine ass guys in my life who like me for me, I'm just now realizing that they like me because of my confidence, and that makes me feel good about myself because I know I'm a good person and I'm glad they can see it too.


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