Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Runway All Stars Ep.1

I finally got caught up on the season premiere of Project Runway All Stars on Lifetime television. I could not and I repeat, I could not wait for this show to start already. I thought it was supposed to air earlier this Fall but I guess the show producers didn't want to overexpose the PR franchise.

They brought back so many wonderful designers from the previous seasons I'm sure it's going to tough week in and week out as to who stays and who goes.

Here's a quick list from the season premiere of what I liked and didn't like, their first competition was an innovation challenge from the 99 cent store.

The winner from the first weeks challenge is Rami. I have to admit, his construction was very eye catching. I like the use of the plaids, this dress looks very fun and futuristic. Did I tell everyone that I met Rami when he came to SF for Halloween a couple of years ago and couldn't remember his name to save my life, I was like, "yeah, I can't remember your name but you lost to Christian" . *ouch*

Coming in a close 2nd is one of my personal favorites - Mondo. His signatures are very present in his first design, like the bowtie headband and clever use of materials. Can you guys believe this dress is made completely out of trash bags, amazing. I also got to meet Mondo when he clubbing in the Castro at the Qbar during Juanita More's, "Booty Call Wednesdays" , Mondo was very sweet and completely gracious.

One of my favorites from the previous seasons was Kinely, she was known for ripping off other designers without ever knowing it. Her ideas are great but they've just been done before. What I like about this dress is the construction, you can just tell this model is wearing a shower mat, it probably wouldn't be so obvious if Kenly would have cut the excess off on the right hand side but whatev's, what do I know right?

Ms. Jerreal is back with her regal designs and does so without a skipping a beat. This look is completely made out of scarfs.

To my hearts dismay, Elisa was bounced from the first show. I really loved the print and hot pants she created in her first look.

Do you know who I thought should have went home was Gordanna, her outfit was all over the place.

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