Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project Runway All Stars Ep.2

"Couture in a Day" ...

is how this challenge began for Project Runway All Stars Episode 2.

The challenge was to design a ball gown for the opera, the designers were given a 350$ budget and commissioned to design the most fabulous ball gown of their dreams.

Let's start with who I thought should have went home this week, April.

April took a big gamble this week and dyed her fabric which in the end made it look worse. Her notion to color the fabric was a good idea but the execution was poor. The end result made her dress look like it was dipped in hamburger grease.

Although Micheal didn't win this week, I thought his dress was the most eye popping. As soon as I saw him lay the beaded feather neckpiece around his mannequin, I knew the rest of his dress was going to be a cake walk.

This weeks winner went to the resident ball gown designer on the show, Austin. Austin gave the best tv moment with his facial reaction after learned he had won. If anyone has never seen a queens head explode, this is what it looks like.

Jerell gets honorable mention from me when quite in fact, he and Austin worked in the same color palate this week and personally, I thought Jerell killed it but when it comes to competitive high fashion, it boils down to personal taste.

Other notes from the show:

1) Mondo got the best runway track music with his model.

2) Kinley is still happy that Joanna is there mentor this season and not Tim Gunn. And plus I really didn't like her pink/black polka dot dress but her design did fit her personality.

3) Rami made a nice dress this week but his trademark pleating was reminiscent of his earlier final PR collection, which we've already seen. He's going to have to pick up his game otherwise he called out for doing the same ole same ole.

4) I'm still waiting for Isaac Mizrahi to rip his face off and say, "surprise bitches, its really me Tyra Banks" , in which every queen in America will pass out from too much excitement.


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