Sunday, January 8, 2012

Slow Weekend

I guess its been a slow weekend for everyone, I just got through checking some other blogs and nobodies really talking about anything, which means in the world of entertainment ain't shit going on.

You know when Perez Hilton is blogging about Pennsylvania hospitals not hiring smokers that Lindsay Lohan must be cooperating with the law and that Kim Kardashian is finally keep a low profile.

Personally, I'm great with this because I get tired of seeing of their names in the news.

Back to me.

I've been dealing with a head cold all weekend. I took NyQuil and that stuff really knocked me out. Its also been giving me some pretty lucid dreams because they have been so vivid and clear lately.

Here one I remember from last night.

I was walking through the Lake Merritt area in Oakland and saw Sonia Parsons come out of an apartment complex. Sonia is a friend I went to Sherman with. I was so happy to see her and was like, "hey Sonia, are you looking for a roommate" ? The next thing you know she escorted me over to this property right near the lake. I thought it was nice. She was trying to sell me on living there. She took me to the back patio which had a really cool view of the lake, and then she showed me this really cool feature, we were still standing inside the apartment looking out the back window when she pressed a button and then the patio slowly converted into a lawn chair and umbrella set up, with a nice grill that immediately lit up, as I looked closer and said, "omg, does that grill have a turkey on it" , and it did.

I was a little blown away by that. I was almost sold in getting the place until I asked Sonia where the washer/dryer room was. She told me to look to the left and the first thing I noticed was that it took 25 cents to operate the washer and dryer machines.

I was immediately turned off by the whole experience because I thought there was no way I was going to pay money to wash clothes in my own apartment, no thank you.

Looking back on the dream, I realized that I can have anything I want but I settled for a dingy apartment by the Lake Merritt area and on top of that, I had roommates. Nothing against Sonia, shes a sweet girl and but I want my own place.

And what was I doing dreaming small? I could of dreamt of living in a big house in the Hollywood Hills or a nice duplex apartment near Venice, California.

I guess my reality psyche is finally starting to settle in on what I want and what I can get, on which we all know is totally two different things. In order for me to make my bigger dreams happen, I guess I'm going to have to work harder and make a lot more cash, lets do this!



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