Sunday, February 12, 2012

America's Got Talent Audition 2012

Hey everybody, I just did something that I said I would never do again, and thats audition again for America's Got Talent and guess what, I compeletely killed my audition.

It was actually lastnight when we were watching the news is when I decided to audition today.

I mean, I already knew about it but I wasn't motivated at all to be apart of it. I just had such a bad experience from the last time that I was in no way ready to even think about doing it again.

Who knows, maybe theres a higher power who wants to me audition again and left me clue earlier this week.

A co-worker was flaunting around one of those AGT Fast Passes that they give out to promote the show, you know, so you don't have to wait such a long line and they move you right to the front.

Today I arrived at 10:30am and didn't get seen until about 2:30pm.

I came in with the cattle call, registered, and waited around just like everyone else.

Today was my day off from such a stressful week at work so I actually enjoyed my time meeting and talking to other people.

When the producers finally called my number, I was escorted upstairs to the Mezzanine level where I saw the other talent acts in holding.

Everyone was in good spirits which I thought was very good.

I didn't mean to show my green eye earlier in the day but I did. I didn't mention to anyone that I auditioned before so I kept everything present.

When I was talking to an opera singer, "I was like really, you know, they've already had Jackie Evancho and Ellyse from the previous years" .

I know, I had to check myself quick because I wasn't going to let my unintentional negativity fuck up anyones dreams.

So I quickly changed my tune and tried to be more supportive.

I was also thinking how earlier when I arrived this guy asked me to borrow my pen so he could fill out his audition papers and I was like, "only if you got cash" . hahah I thought that was funny. And then the security lady over seeing the line, over heard me and was like, "oh, thats bad karma" .

And I was all, "okay security lady, I was just kidding, I mean hello, I am a comedian after all, thats what we do, gheesh, give me a break" . But then again, all those bad jokes I've told over the years would explain the karma I've been threw.

And you know what, after all that I did give my pen to him so he could fill out his AGT forms.

All of this was going threw my head as I was waiting for my call time upstairs.

They seperated the singers, from the singers with guitars, and other talent acts. There was another SF comedian who went in the same time I did but I forgot his name already, hes pretty new but I'm sure I'll remember him if I see him performing around SF again.

The production assistants were very helpful, as they usually are. I was listening to one of them say to another performer, "Nigel is ready to see you" and I immediately thought, "oh shit, thats the guy who pulled me to perform for the AGT show in Portland, Oregon" ! Todays audition really was turning into karma and fate.

So the p.a. *production assistant* called me into the audition room and Nigel's face was the very first face I saw.

I was actually relieved when I saw him and the first words out of my mouth were, "surprise... surprise" !!!!

They told me to introduce myself and from the time I opened my mouth to the end of the audition, my whole experience with them went great.

I don't really want to say what I said or what I did because the rules of the show don't permit me to talk about it, lets just say the other comedian who was in holding outside heard me from the hallway, he said, "wow, you were pretty loud in there" .


I'm pretty sure I gave them something different from they were expecting from comedians.

I can honestly say that now I have have closure too.

If Nigel and AGT doesn't call me back, I'm be perfectly okay with that. I told them, "I came back to show Howie, Sharon, and Piers that I did listen to their criticism and have a lot more to show them from the last time , so hopefully you guys will give me a 2nd chance" .

It felt great to walk out of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium with my dignity still intact but I'm sure if you guys ever get to see what I did in there for todays AGT audition, you guys are going to say to yourselves, "what dignity" ?


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