Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fred Phelps <-- Dumb Ass !!!!

As an entertainment blogger, I am aware of whatever or whomever I blog about, I'm basically giving my blog topic a platform so everyonce can hear their point of view, good or bad.

Todays blog is about the extremist religious cult known as the Westburo Baptist Church based in Topeka, Kansas. This church is run by the Fred Phelps family who preach hatred and bigotry.

If anyone has ever seen them protest, they're usually the ones carrying the signs that say, "God Hates Fags" .

And then across the street, you'll see liberal protesters waving their counters signs back at them like, "God doesn't hate the gays, who do you think help decorated Heaven" ?

Lately, the Phelps have been known for protesting the funnerals of Matt Sheperd, Micheal Jackson, and USA soldiers killed in action.

Most recently, their protests were taken to the United States Supreme Court where they won a ruling that their protests are protected under the, "freedom of speech" , clause in our U.S. Constitution.

So today, they were in the news again for traveling to New Jersey to protest the funeral of Whitney Houston, only because she's considered a gay icon, how despicable.

I hope they do show up and get their asses kicked. If its one thing we all know, you don't fuck with Black people and church. So I'm sure Bobby Brown will be in the headlines tomorrow for putting his foot up their ass.

The Westburo Baptist Church does bring up a good point with their protests and its that inbreeding needs to stop, seriously, have you guys seen their family picture, I can't tell the mommie from the daddy because they all look alike.

I can't wait for these people to die so they can see how gay heaven really is, and you know when they find that out, they're gonna be like, "we rather go to hell" , which is cool because thats where they belong.


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