Monday, March 12, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 12

Its Monday and my diet is going good, heres what I ate so far today:

- 2 cups of refried beans/rice/salsa from work
- big Chipotle salad with Barbacoa, steak, cheese, corn, salsa and Apple Chipotle vinaigrette from work.
- small guac and chips from Chipotle
- small ColdStone Creamery ice cream with pinapple, cherries, caramel, and yellow cake, my new absolute favorite personal creation!
- bag of honey roasted peanuts from Walgreens
- instand Oatmeal with raisen, 2 spoons of sugar, and milk

Earlier when I was on the library internet doing my daily's, omg, I was so overwhelmed with having to take a big poop and I did just that. I must be eating the right food combinations because the shit is coming right out of me, seriously.


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