Saturday, March 17, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 17

Holy shit its been getting harder and harder to blog my daily eat habits. On some days I have to go back and be like, "oh yeah, I ate that too" .

Today is St. Patricks Day it my work day just dragged in the beggining but luckily it picked up and I was able to walk away with some money from work.

I know I ate something sweet this morning but I can't remember what, serioulsy, so for the sake of competent food blogging, I'm just going to say it was a candy bar.

- candy bar
- big salad from Chipotle, steak, barbacoa, onions, pico with apple chipotle dressing from my work
- chips and guac from Chipotle
- 2 cadburry easter eggs

I had a really good time at the Jody Watley concert lastnight, I really do feel like a changed person. I'll blog more about that later when I'm on the laptop again.

Until then,

Happy Dieting!


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