Friday, March 2, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 2

Wow, my FA diet must be really working because I took a good shit this afternoon and my turd has never looked healthier. Seriously, I think all those leafy greens and vegatables gave it a great color. I just feel more juiced to keep going!

- cup of black beans with pineapple salsa
- Chipotle salad with steak/shredded beef/black beans/fajita onions/corn/pico and Apple Chipotle dressing from Chevy's, *one of my all time favorites"
- 2 small bags of honey roasted peanuts
- small can of macadamian nuts
- late night ceaser salad from Taqueria in the Castro, the ceaser dressing was da bomb

When I was ordering my salad at Chipotle, I asked if they put lard and bacon in their brown beans and they said yes so I passed but then I was like, "yeah, give me the steak and shredded beef on top of my salad" , looking back and considering my meat choices, I should have went with the brown beans.

Happy Dieting!


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