Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Food Anonymous Diet Day 28

I woke okay this morning, I haven't been getting my usual sleep because I've been getting home late and then having to wake up mid morning for work.

Heres what I ate so far:

- small chow mein from Chinese Deli
- Chipotle Salad with steak, pico, corn and their house dressing
- 3 small donuts from Starbuck
- 2 chocolate cookies from Starbucks
- brisket full meal plate from Original Joe's, brisket, mashed potatos & gravy, potato salad and slice bread, now before everyone thinks I totally ruined my diet, I only had bites from this meal, I had plenty left over which I took home for my bro.

Amazingly I was able to notch my belt in one more in, I was happy about. My goal is a coulple more notches. I feel like I lost weight this week, so I'm excited to get on the scale tomorrow!

Happy Dieting!


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